Client Services Committee

This committee works on a variety of issues related to client services through Title I and II funding. The committee encourages PLWH participation in all Care Council Committees.

  • Committee Purpose (bylaw excerpt): To address a variety of issues related to the services which clients receive as a result of Title I and II funding. It ensures that the broadest array of services is provided with the highest possible quality within resource and funding constraints. The Committee also seeks to provide clients with updated resource references and to create opportunities in all Council counties for PLWH participation.

  • Comprehensive Plan, Goal 3: Ensure that HIV care and support services are high quality.

  • Objective 3(D): Establish and implement a customer satisfaction program.

Goal/Objective/Activity Steps

Act in an advisory capacity to Grantee on issues related to the Ryan White Client Satisfaction Survey.

  1. Grantee will keep committee informed of issues

  2. Review survey results and make recommendations to Grantee as appropriate

  3. Review future versions of surveys

Explore other ways to collaborate with Grantee in issues related to assessing client satisfaction.

  1. Meet with Grantee

  2. Report to Committee

  3. Make proposal to Care Council

Members will be knowledgeable of established uniform client satisfaction comment form and be able to provide general guidance to clients on presenting grievances to the providers of Grantee.

  1. Assure and explain fact sheet to clients and case managers as needed.

  • Comprehensive Plan, Goal 4: Ensure that a continuum of HIV-related psycho-social and support services is available throughout the TSA.

  • Objective 4 (A): Expand coordination and linkages with non-Ryan White funded providers in accordance with HRSA objectives.

Goal/Objective/Activity Steps

Assure that all Ryan White providers have Ryan White information available to clients.

  1. Get list of RW/GR/HOPWA service providers in the TSA from the Grantee that includes the service, the agency’s address, telephone number, contact person and the eligibility criteria for each service provider

  2. Assure distribution to clients via provider agencies, Care Council & committees, electronic media, PLWH meetings/support groups and dinners.

  3. Update

Better communication of clients needs with planning and evaluation. Meet with clients throughout the Ryan White service area to update committee services and establish a web site and pocket guide.

  1. Create draft

  2. Seek community input (i.e., clients and case managers)

  3. Assure distribution of document.

Adopted: 9/19/05