Planning and Evaluation Committee

This committee works on the annual needs assessment and the Comprehensive Plan. It assesses current and future service needs for HIV+ people, and plans ways to address these needs. It also develops requirements that service providers must meet and reviews the results of program evaluations.

Committee Purpose (bylaw excerpt): This committee provides input to staff regarding components to be included in the annual needs assessment; ensures that the needs assessment is comprehensive and reflects the components required by the legislation, HRSA and the State; and ensures that appropriate populations are represented in data collection within time and resource constraints. This committee is responsible for developing a comprehensive, community plan for the organization and delivery of HIV/AIDS services that is compatible with existing state or local plans regarding the provision of health services to individuals with HIV disease. The committee also develops an implementation plan for the goals, objectives, strategies and evaluations which result from the final plan.

This committee develops program evaluation requirements based on Federal legislature, HRSA guidance and the Comprehensive Plan program goals and objectives. In addition, the committee ensures that requirements are met and reviews results of program evaluation. It revises program evaluation as needed and seeks to include key indicators or evaluation criteria to measure the extent to which pre-determined goals have been achieved, including cost and effectiveness measures.