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Care Council Membership

The Ryan White Care Council is looking for dedicated volunteers who want to be involved in decisions that determine what HIV/AIDS services are available in your community. Get involved by committing 6-8 hours per month. The Care Council decides how Ryan White dollars are spent in your community, while also determining what services are provided, how they are delivered and how much money is dedicated to each service. Would you like to be a part of this decision-making?

How can I get involved in the Care Council?

There are two ways for you to participate in the decision making process of the Council:

1) By Becoming a Member: Anyone can apply for membership. The RWCC must be comprised of members who have certain backgrounds/experience (i.e. mental health professionals, health care providers, those infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, etc.) as well as be reflective of the demographic characteristics of the HIV population in this area.

Members are appointed for three year terms and are required to attend and actively participate in the monthly Care Council meeting and a monthly or quarterly RWCC committee meeting. New members must also attend an orientation.

To ensure fairness and objectivity, all members are expected to make Council decisions based on facts and must be open and public about their relationships with agencies that receive Ryan White funds.

2) Attending Committees: The Council has several committees, each dealing with specific issues and chaired by a Council member. The committees meet monthly or quarterly and report their findings and recommendations to the Council. Anyone can participate in one or more committees. To be able to vote in a committee, a person must first attend three meetings. Many decisions are made at the committee level; therefore the attendance of persons affected by HIV/AIDS is very important and valuable.

Participating PLWH may qualify for the reimbursement of travel.

What are the benefits of volunteering your time to the Council?

Unlike most other assistance programs (i.e., Medicaid), the Ryan White Care Council gives YOU a real and valuable opportunity to have an impact on the decisions that affect the lives of HIV- positive persons in your community. If you become involved you will help decide how to spend millions of dollars in a way that is effective and responsive to the needs of the local HIV community.

By attending committee meetings and/or becoming a Council member you will gain valuable skills, knowledge, and understanding of the many services and programs available to PLWH and will be able to influence the quality of the care PLWH receive. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work with very dedicated and respected community leaders (providers and PLWH) and learn from their experiences.

To obtain more information call
The Suncoast Health Council at (727) 217-7070
and ask for a Ryan White staff member.